Friday, October 29, 2010


Computer simulation programs can be used in education to give the student more feeling for reality in some abstract fields of learning. Foster (1984) says about this: 'Simulations can be entertaining because of dramatic and game-like components'.
When a teacher tries to explain a difficult interrelationship, such as a hybridization experiment with fruit flies in the traditional way it is likely that part of the class will fail to understand. Execution of the real experiment is impossible because this would take a number of weeks and can therefore not be integrated as such within a lesson. When, after the necessary theoretical discussion of the material, a simulation experiment follows there will be a greater chance that more students will understand a complete relationship, such as a hybridization experiment.
Simulation often goes hand in hand with visualization. The results of changes that a student puts into a model are directly shown on the screen. This generally appeals to students.
 Simulation can be very purposive and for certain students very useful, such as students who need some insight before they are able to learn and understand a new concept.
After I was done this task , I was realize that simulation is one way that are useful to explain something and it is more interesting than traditional method .

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